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2024              Canvas Rebel, Meet Merill ComeauMarch, 2024 

              , Merill Comeau: The Rebellious Stitcher, revised interview


2023              Surface Design Journal, Fall 2023, Exhibition in Print: Sustainable Practices, pg 47

                      Fibre Art: Take Two, Diane Franklin, A Review of 100: Marking the Attleboro Arts Museum’s Centennial


2022              ArtScope Magazine, A Welcomed Return: Diverse Danforth Annual Continues to Break New Ground

                      Artist In Residence RefectionsNational Historic Site Weir Farm, Weir Farm Alliance


2021              Fibre Arts Australia, Volume 9, September, 2021

                      Textile Curator: Waking up the World to Contemporary Fiber Art, Merill Comeau

                      Vasari21, Adria Arch, Fantastical Threads, May 30, 2021

            , Newsletter for Fiber Artists, How To Use Sketchbooks

                      Toby Crispy, Slow Stitch Thread of Connection, Obscura, February 2021


2020              Anton Repnikov, Commissioning Hope, Curating Awareness, VoCA blog, May 8, 2020

                      Cassie Sim, Weaving Stories:  The Narrative Power of Fiber Art, Mutual Art, March 24, 2020

                      Grace Griffin, This Artist is enlisting ICA visitors for her ‘portrait of the community quilt’, The Boston Globe, February                              21, 2020

2019              Jay Sugarman, Human Impact: Stories of the Opioid Epidemic, video panel discussion, Museum Open House, newTV

                      Human Impact: Stories of the Opioid Epidemic, Exhibition Catalogue, Fuller Craft Museum, 2019, pg 17

                      Lauren Sinner, Exposure, Surface Design Journal, Winter 2019, pg. 30

                      Harriet Cheney, Textile Study Group of New York blog, inaugural blog re-launch, 2019,                                                          

                      Joe C., Merill Comeau Honors the Past Through Repurposed Textiles, Mobi Spirit blog, December 20, 2019

                      Cate Coulacos Prato, Art Cloth Network Artist Profile, Quilting Arts, August/Sept 2019, pgs 35-39

                      Textiel Plus, 2019

                      FI2019: An Exhibition of Contemporary Fiber Art, Fiberarts Guild of Pittsburgh, 2019

                      Merill Comeau: from concept to creation,, 2019

                      Isabel Barbi, Taking Form: Fibers and Fabric Art at Galatea Fine Art, ArtScope, 3.26.19


2018              Merill Comeau: the act of stitching,, 2018 

                      Brian Goslow, Stitch at New Art: Creating Conversation, ArtScope, Mar/Apr 2018, pg. 53

                      Cate McQuaid, A STITCH IN TIME: Exhibit Embraces Textiles Meaning, Social History, 2.28.18 

                      Emily Reily, Artists use clothing and sticky notes to suggest ‘Possible Subject Positions’, New Hampshire Union Leader,                            1.3.2018


2017              E. Ashley Rooney, Artistry in Fiber: Wall Art, Vol 1., Schiffer Publishing, pages 54-5, 2017

                      Stephanie Kim, Artist Merill Comeau Weaves Family and Art, the hour, 2.2017

                      Megan Smith-Harris, On Edge, Wilton Magazine, Winter 2016-2017, page 56

2016              Jacquelyn Jarnagin, Making Sense of the World, Beacon-Villager, 11.3.2016, pages 5,8.

                      Merill Comeau, An Artist at ArtSpace Maynard, Tells Stories Through Art, The Palette, International Art Materials                                  Association, 11.16.16

                      Brad Avery, Counting the Strokes, The Herald News, July 28, 2016

                      Natasha Geffen, Wicked Local, Danforth Juried Show is Handpicked and Fresh, 7.10.16 

                      Anne Lee & Ashley Rooney, Fiber Art Now, Threads of Social Justice: Conversations with Merill Comeau, Chiachio &                            Giannone, & Glenda Richardson, Spring 2016, pg 42-44

                     10 Years of the Artists’ Toolbox, Arts and Business Council of Greater Boston

2015              Emma, L’artiste du Vendredi, Merill Comeau Une artiste textile qui utilise des vêtements déstructurés puis cousus et                                  peints, L’Atelier d Emma


2014              Martin Roux, Quinquabelle, Une artiste textile qui utilise des vêtements déstructurés puis cousus et peints, 12.2014

                      Experimenting with Fiber: UnRaveled, Maine Today, 2014

                      Visual Arts at Pine Manor, Pine Manor College Bulletin, Fall 2014, page 13

                      The Fabric of Life, Caroline Cunningham, New England Home, May-June 2014, pages 40-44

                      Meredith Cutler, ArtScope, Renewal: Motherbrook Arts Flirts with a New Direction, Mar/Apr 2014, page 10

                      La tela escrita, Blogspot, 2014 

                      Ellen Katz, Textile Adventures: Merill Comeau Fragments of Eden, File Under Fiber, Blogspot, 201

                      MetroWest Daily News, Chris Bergeron, At Danforth, 2 Artists Defy Conventions, 1.19.14 


2013              The Hippo, Kelly Sennot, How Yesterday’s Castoffs Become Tomorrow’s Treasures, 2013

                      World of Threads, Weekly Fibre Artists Interviews, Artist: Merill Comeau, Gareth Bates and Dawn Rudman, 2013 

                      Martha Wakefield, The Importance of a Self Coaching Group, Blogspot, 2013

                      Maynard Visual Art Windows, Merill Comeau ArtSpace, 5.2013

                      Weekly Wrap Up, Flux Boston,, April 22-May 2nd 2013

                      Concord Journal, A Room of Our Own, 2013

2012              UUWorld, Fall 2012, page 16, My Heart Bleeds for You III, illustration

                      Leanne Jewett, Merill Comeau: Making Sense of the Complex, Fiber Art Now, Summer 2012

                      Weekly Recycle Art Links, The Art of Recycling, 7.20.12

                      Metrowest Daily News, Danforth’s Off the Wall Exhibit is Chock Full of Treasures, 6.3.12

                      Textile Art Center, NY, Reusing, Recycling Textiles, May 2012

                      Artscope blog, April 2012


2011              Step Program, Stonehill Blogspot, November 2011

                      Writing Without Paper, Second Life, blogspot, 12.11.2012

                      Sara Hansen, Works of a Healing Nature, FiberArts, Sara Hansen, Summer 2011, page 21

                      Natick Patch, Local Artist Creates Masterpieces from Scraps, 1.11.11

                      The Garden Club of the Back Bay, Tree Pieces: Painted Fabric Collages by Merill Comeau, 2.22.11

                      Linda Branch Dunn blogspot, Merill Comeau, 3.12.12

                      Nano Interview with Merill Comeau, ArtSake Blog, Massachusetts Cultural Council, 3.11.11

                      Ashley Rooney, 100 Artists of New England, Schiffer Publishing,  ISBN 9780764336652, 2.2011


2010              Brian Goslow, Capsule Preview, ArtScope Magazine,  November/December 2010, pages 50-51

                      Margaret Smith, Cycles and Seasons in Art Show,, Margaret Smith, Thursday, 10.21.10

                     “Everything has its beauty but not everyone sees it” Confucius, NorthWest Life, Magazine, 4.2010, page 46

                      Margaret Smith, Fiber Collages,, Thursday, 1.21.10, page 39

                      Wild Apples: a journal of nature, art and inquiry, Fall/Winter 2010, Issue Four: Thread, Fiber, Cloth, illustrations:                                inside cover, pg 32, pg 33

2009              Finch, Jessica, Home is Where the Art Is, Catalogue of Artwork for the Family House at 241 Kent Street, Children’s

                      Hospital, Boston, 2009, pages 22-23

                      Garth Johnson, 1000 Ideas for Creative Reuse, Quarry Press, Quayside Publishing Group, 2009, page 49

                      Deborah Santoro, Merill Comeau Bloom, 8.17.09

2008              Jeanne Williamson, Women of Cloth, Blogspot, March 7, 2008

                      Steven T. Zevitas, Studio Visit, Open Studio Press, Volume 3, 2008, page 42-43

                      Jennifer Perelie, Mixed Media Artist, 9.26.08

                      Rosemary Noon, From A Fixed Point: New Art from the Old North Bridge, Exhibition Catalogue, Regis College, Fine                            Arts Center, Weston, MA,  2008, page 3-4



2019              From Concept to Completion,

2018              Conference Abstract: Merill Comeau, Socio-cultural trends in the development of contemporary art and design: IV                                International Scientific and Practical Conference, Design Dept. KNTU and Kherson Art Museum, Ukraine

                      Under Foot, Boston Arts Review, Issue 1, Spring 2018, pages 52-53

2017              Some Semblance Of, exhibition catalogue, 2017


2016              The Farm, Catherine Armsden, House Stories

2013              A Room of Our Own: Eleven Artists, One Self-coaching Group, exhibition catalogue, Concord Art Association, 2013


2009              Fiber and Stitch Collage: A Study of Nature, Quilting Arts Magazine, Interweave Press, Issue 38, April/May 2009,                              pages 42-47


Artist in Residence Video, National Historic Site Weir Farm, Weir Farm Alliance

Interview with Jodi Colella, Outer Threads, Three Stones Gallery

Two Friends/One Exhibition, Fuller Craft Museum Craft Chat

Museum Open House, Jay Sugarman, Human Impact: Stories of the Opioid Epidemic

What's Your Story:  Creating a Family Mission and Portrait

Merill Comeau: Art in Action

A Room of Our Own, facilitator, panel discussion

Merill Comeau: Tomorrow’s Garden of Eden

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